I'm Ivo – a senior Digital Designer living in the Netherlands who loves crafting impactful brand identities, web applications, apps and more...


Dad, husband, designer

I’m a designer, creator, and commuter living in Gorinchem and working in The Hague, the Netherlands. I'm married and have somehow convinced my amazing wife, Tamara, to stay with me for over more than a decade now. On 2 March 2012, we were lucky enough to welcome our son Boaz to the family.

I'm working as a Senior Digital Designer for Schuttelaar & Partners, a communications agency for a healthy and sustainable world. I have a background in graphic and industrial design and enjoy taking projects from ideas to high-fidelity designs.

I've developed a broad and comprehensive expertise in visual communication. Not just how communication works and how to apply this.

As a designer I'm driven by creativity with a strong eye for detail. I love being an integral part of the creative process and like to focus on making complex products approachable to the masses.

Whether my focus is on work, rest, or play, I'm always looking for ways to improve those pro­ducts and services that have brought us to where we are today.

In the end of the day I want to have a positive impact on people's lives and helping companies grow.


I've developed a broad and comprehensive expertise in visual communication, design tools, workflows.


* UX design
* Identity Design
* Data visualisation
* Digital Publishing
* E-commerce
* iOS & Android app design
* Web App development

Tools & systems

* Sketch
* Adobe Creative suite
* Scrum/Agile
* Gitlab


A skilled designer with more than fifteen years of brand identity, product development and graphic design experience.

I'm working as a Senior Digital Designer for Schuttelaar & Partners, a communications agency with a focus to make our world a healthier and more sustainable place.

I have the privilege to work with leading companies, start-ups and NGO's: Dutch government, Unilever, KNVB, Noordzeeboerderij, Health~Holland, Saint-Basics, Gemeente Rotterdam, Lidl, Wageningen University, Nationale-Nederlanden, Ik Kies Bewust and Nederlands Dans Theater.

I'm designing new user experiences, brand identities and creating design assets, wireframes, high-fidelity mockups.

I'm responsible for delivering all aspects of the user experience design, working with product managers, developers and clients to deliver world-class products. In this role I coaches team members about tools, techniques, trends, and new approaches.

H5mag startup
In 2012 we bootstraped our own in-house startup: H5mag. A digital magazine publication platform to design, edit and publish online magazines for all devices. Let's say, Adobe Indesign for web.

We're working in close coordination to develop a shared vision of the product, then define and design an experience to deliver on the product’s objectives.

Designing conceptual wireframes, interaction specifications, prototypes, and final graphics. And finally working closely with our engineering team to ensure designs are executed as designed.


To get in touch, write to hi@ivovanwilligen.com

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