My personal annotation, where I share the books I'm reading and the things I recommend.


Sometimes people ask if there are books I would recommend. So I've made a list of books I think are worth reading. Some are in Dutch, others in English.
Je hebt wel iets te verbergen
Deep work
Deep work
Combining typefaces

And some books I'm considering reading. Some of these books are not out yet and will be released later in 2017.

Accessibility for Everyone
Intro to App Development with Swift


Personally recommended food, travel and related-stuff.

Food & Places

Dudok Apple pie
* Fort Vuren
Landgoed Mariënwaerdt
* Hotel Academy Bruges 
* Bayerischer Wald
Boven de Rivieren
* ’t Hijgend Hert
* Maallust


* Trek Soho bike
* Nikon D60 camera
* Mario Kart 8
* Nespresso Magimix
Deutscher Meister
* Apple AirPods
* Raspberry Pi Zero W

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